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End-of-Life Tire Recycling: Sustainable Solution

27th September 2021

REVYRE has developed a unique and highly efficient way of recycling end-of-life tires while minimising any environmental impact.

Are Australia and NZ the new world leaders of circular tyre solutions?

1st September 2021

As a next step, the company wants to construct several priority plants across Australia and New Zealand. The company is currently in discussions with interested parties and is hoping to achieve financial close for the first sites within the next 12 months.

REVYRE Australia and New Zealand have stepped up a gear in the waste tyre sector, raising capital and partnering with Project Portfolio Management P/L (PPM)

31st August 2021

The MOU with PPM brings a highly capable team with the right values, project management and operational capabilities in the mining and heavy industrial sectors to support REVYRE accelerate and realise our strategy.

20th July 2021

REVYRE LIMITED is one of a cohort of innovative companies keen to see Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts repower manufacturing in our regions. A circular economy business for end-of-life rubber products including end-of-life tyres, conveyor belts and like products, REVYRE’s work provides a great solution to COAG's plan to ban whole used tyres for exports from December 2021.

REVYRE Gains Support in Australia

7th July 2021

Interest in REVYRE’s devulcanisation grows in Australia. With the Council of Australian Governments’ agreed ban on used tyre exportation from December 2021, Australia faces a growing tyre stockpile problem. Dugald River and its mining contractor Barminco have investigated alternative tyre disposal, supporting a joint venture (REVYRE) programme with Energy Estate and InfraCo.

MMG Dugald River and mining contractor Barminco support REVYRE tyre recycling project in Queensland

5th July 2021

MMG Dugald River and its mining contractor Barminco have investigated alternative tyre disposal, supporting a joint venture (REVYRE) program with Energy Estate and InfraCo. A proposed recycling process breaks down and repurposes the tyres into a high value polymer product fit for tyre manufacturing and clean high tensile scrap steel.

REVYRE - June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021

REVYRE has made considerable progress in the last six months in regards to its facility in the Mount Isa region. There is an agreement in place with Economic Development Queensland to acquire to acquire the first Australian site. The site is located within the Nordale Industrial Precinct.

Taking Waste Tyres To The Next Level

April 2021

Waste tyres have always left a black mark on the recycling industry. Rubber itself never disappears; no matter what you do with it, it will always languish in a landfill at the end of its life. That’s unless you can keep using it, over and over, in the manufacture of new tyres.
Story by Gavin Myers, published in the April 2021 issue of New Zealand Trucking magazine

3rd March 2021

Repurposing is one key element, in terms of re-using existing infrastructure and natural resources, and also the firm is actively supporting recycling through its JV for a company named REVYRE developing car tyre recycling facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

25th August 2020

Tyre and Rubber Recycling asked REVYRE'S Shaun Zukor how the project sat against the background of the news that we see from New Zealand on tyre recycling?

Revyre Pressing Ahead in NZ and Australia

4th June 2020

Tyre and Rubber Recycling asked Revyre’s Shaun Zukor how the project sat against the background of the news that we see from New Zealand on tyre recycling? There have been confused messages and the chaotic stories of tyre dumps being abandoned, relocated and abandoned again. How does the Revyre project sit in what, to us on the other side of the world, looks like a rather unstable background?

REVYRE recycling JV looks to tackle mining tyre problem in Australia, New Zealand

27th May 2020

A new joint venture in Australia and New Zealand could see thousands of tonnes of large off-the-road (OTR) tyres used in the two country’s mining sectors recycled thanks to the use of two “revolutionary” technologies.

Energy Estate and InfraCo partnership – REVYRE

27th May 2020

Energy Estate and InfraCo announced a joint venture (REVYRE) to develop and build innovative tyre recycling plants in Australia and New Zealand, utilising two revolutionary technologies - Vertech/RubberJet Valley tyre disintegration and Tyromer rubber devulcanisation.